For those who have never been to Africa before just the name Africa" calls certain associations to mind. The beautifull documentaries on primitive tribes, snakes, wild animals, safari, poverty, hunger, disease and heat. However also to be found are the more sensational things to discover: spontaneity, friendliness and tolerance.

The name Africa brings to mind a lot of imagination and the truth is that Africa is different, refreshingly different. Make your own judgement after you 've been there. Yes, Africa is that place on earth which demands all of a human being. When it takes you, it takes you by surprise and never leaves you again.

Ghana is situated between Cote d' Ivoire, Togo and burkina Faso on the West Africa Coast. Formerly called Gold Coast by the Europeans who came to the country initially in search of gold and later for slaves, Ghana derived its post independence name from a powerfull ancient kingdom.

Of course each country in Africa is unique in its own history, traditions, culture and attractions, and we do our very best to portray each country in its natural light. Our visit to Ghana will explore the rich heritage and culture. There will be visits to Castles and Forts that date back to the fifteen-century and were used during the slave trade and to national parks.

In Kenya, we offer three Safari tour packages namely Wildlife, Beach and Adventure safaris. Our trips to Tanzania and Malawi will expose you to their rich cultures and wildlife. And finally, our trips to Egypt explore its ancient civilizations and culture.

In summary, we guarantee that you will experience the rich culture and heritage of Africa and meet some of the most hospitable and friendliest people in the whole wide world. This is a vacation or excursion that you will be proud to tell your family and friends about for a long time to come. We invite you to see Africa with us, the way Africa is supposed to be seen.

We offer 8-21 day individual and group tours to Ghana, the rest of West Africa then to Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia and Egypt.
Try a unique vacation you will be proud to tell your family and friends for a long time to come.